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Custom websites coded once, then grown by you with drag-and-drop.

Ditch the hassle of WordPress and Webflow. Choose a custom website with the most intuitive drag-and-drop block editor, and scale without the developer’s help.


A drag-and-drop website, that gives you freedom.

Launched within one month. icon

Launched within one month.

Get your core building blocks and templates in the first weeks, then scale with extras in iterations. Pause or end the development when you see fit.

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Scalable with drag-and-drop. icon

Scalable with drag-and-drop.

Get set up for life with a drag-and-drop website programmed once. Use your custom premade blocks and templates to edit, optimize, and build pages programmer-free.

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SEO-ready and performant. icon

SEO-ready and performant.

Maximize your SEO potential with >90/100* PageSpeed. Let the quick-loading Jamstack architecture, CDN, and file compression provide your visitors with instant content.

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One month launch

Launch fast with basics, add extras later.

Get your core drag-and-drop building blocks and templates in the first 12-20 days, then scale with extras in iterations. Pause or end your website development when you see fit. Take advantage of our full support, and never deal with challenges alone.

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Drag-and-drop scaling

Scale independently with a drag-and-drop builder.

Create stunning pages effortlessly with an intuitive, developer-free drag and drop page builder. No coding knowledge needed! The user-friendly interface will simplify the process, making page creation easy for admins of all skill levels.

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SEO & high performance

Maximize your SEO potential with ultra-fast performance.

Switch to a performance-optimized website with >90/100 PageSpeed score. Let the Jamstack architecture, built-in media file size compression algorithms, and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) provide your visitors with content that loads instantly.

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Switching to a drag-and-drop website was a game-changer for us. We can tweak our site now without needing a programmer, freeing our time and budget.
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Celina Kubeczek, Owner at Kubeczek Car Service
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